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At Brass Monkey Cartridge Company we take great pride in offering  great products at ridiculously low prices.  We treat each and every piece of brass as if we were shooting it ourselves.  Our EFFICIENT process SAVES you money.  We guarantee our products and will replace it or issue a refund if you are not satisfied.  

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Dillon Super 1050s
All processed brass is done  on our Dillon Super 1050s .   Every piece of brass goes through a full length sizing die twice in different stages to insure proper headspace.  They're frequently checked on a headspace gauge and digital caliper to insure consistency and precision.
Quality You Can Trust

As shooters and reloaders ourselves, we understand the importance of a quality piece of brass.  All of our processed brass goes through multiple stages of quality control by the time it's packaged for you.  We wash all brass after processing to ensure a dust free product.  That means your machines will run longer between cleanings and rebuilding. 

223 brass 556 brass .223 brass 5.56 brass 300 aac blackout 300 blackout 308 brass 308 win brass Lake City brass Lake City Brass Lake  City 308 LC 300 blackout LC 223 Lake City 556 Lake City 5.56 Lake City 7.62x51 9mm brass 40 s & w brass 40 cal brass 45 acp brass 380 brass 300 blk brass annealing annealed processed processing reconditioned

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