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We purchase in excess of 75,000 pieces of processed brass from Brass Monkey each month. Since using them exclusively, we've been able to lower our labor cost and boost our production. High quality brass at best prices on the market.

       ---Ray Braly, Prickly Pear Ammo & Reloading LLC Tucson, AZ 520-867-6172 ---


I'm 100% satisfied with the 300 BLK brass from Brass Monkey Cartridge Company. We load thousands on a monthly basis and they are always able to meet our needs.

       ---Tom Hammond (owner) Lone Star Ammunition Alvin, TX ---


We've been using these guys since October 2013. We buy on average of 500,000 per month(223, 300blk,and 308). We are very particular on our accuracy and consistency of our ammo and their brass just makes our ammo look like new.

       ---Buy with confidence! Dave Zitiello - Bite the Bullet LLC. Las Vegas, NV - BITETHEBULLET.CO ---


Great transaction, fast shipping, good communication, and the brass was high quality. I bought 500 rounds, received 510 rounds, 509 were Lake City, and only four had split necks.

        --- M. Holdner ---


Thank you, some of the BEST 300 AAC brass I have yet to purchase ***, best consistent primer seating yet and great prep work on case +++

         --- Drifter 777 ---


Great turn around. Shipped so fast I didn't have time to think about transaction. Brass was in condition noted and cleaned up nicely. You get more than what is listed. Great seller, would recommend!!

          --- DWolbrecht ---

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