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250+ pieces of processed factory once fired 300 AAC Blackout brass. NOT Converted from 223/556 brass. You’ve invested in your components so use the best 300blk brass money can buy. We run 1x fired 300blk brass in our guns because we know the brass has been fire formed to a 300blk chamber. This premium brass has been: Full length resized, Deprimed, Swaged (primer crimp removed)Trimmed to 1.360+/-.003, Washed and polished, and finally ANNEALED. Ships only in the United States. Can not ship where prohibited. Check your state laws before ordering.

Annealed Factory 1x Fired 300 AAC Blackout Brass (250pcs)

  • It is the responsibility of the buyer to inspect all reloading components include brass casings before reloading. Failure to follow safe reloading practices can result in damage to your gun, bodily injury, and even death. By purchasing this product, you agree that Brass Monkey Cartridge Company is not held liable for unsafe reloading practices and/or misuse of this product.
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