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Welcome to Brass Monkeyz.  It is our commitment to provide high quality new and reconditioned brass to both commercial reloaders and the reloading hobby community.  We  offer once fired brass in most rifle and pistol calibers.  Our processed rifle and pistol brass goes through multiple stages of quality control to ensure you're getting the best product possible.  We guarantee our products and will provide a full refund or exchange if you are not satisfied.  At Brass Monkeyz, we pride ourselves in providing individual attention and innovative solutions to every order, large or small. We hope to be your one stop shop for top quality brass and reloading components at the most competitive prices.

Dealers and Commercial Reloaders

For larger quantities please contact us for pricing, lead time and shipping.  We specialize in .223/5.56, .308/7.62 and 300 blackout brass.  9mm, 40 cal, and 45 ACP brass are also available in large quantities.  Contact information can found by clicking  the CONTACT US link below.

Let Us Process Your Brass

You have better things to do than spend hours processing your rifle brass.  Let us do it for you.  We'll ship your fully processed brass back to you for free.  For example, we can process your 223 brass for as little as $55/1000 cases.  223 to 300blk conversions are $75/1000.  Contact information can be found by clicking the CONTACT US link below.

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